Fixed radios

We are suppliers of solutions and electronic and telecommunication equipment, the radio equipment; the technical staff has many years of experience and supplies spare parts availability, system test equipment modern (synthetic Motorola 2600 Meter, Meter Bird, frequency counter .... ) we provide the following key services:

- Installation, measurement, calibration and repair of the system improve quality, increase the distance of communication with Radio Trunking MPT1327 tram systems, SmarTrunk, central transceiver station Taxi operators, broadcast stations at only customer.

- Fix Polaroid transceiver (repair radios, clock TAXI), reloading EEPROM, out of the Password radios Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, HYT, Vertex ...... with Password is installed recording machine, read or EEPROM error.

- Provide supplies and replacement parts, such as ICs, high-frequency power lamps, collection ...... filters; Free consultation with equipment failures need of repair

- Fix install PBX systems, camera systems and video recorder AVTECH firms, VANTECH, QUESTEK ....