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Motorola GP340

Motorola GP340

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ATEX - Blue version is popular and a great way of keeping unobtrusive contact groups. Streamlining operations with radio communication increases productivity and can form part of the health system and the safety of an organization which is particularly important for individuals working alone or remotely from teams.

GP340 EX is built with a visible blue color, helping to ensure that users only bring ATEX / IECEX approved radio in explosive environments.

A 16-channel models with features that streamline the use PL / 5-Tone signaling radios. Features include call forwarding to get messages through another colleague when you are not available to take calls, audible warning of low battery and emergency signals to ensure that you get the help you need when necessary.

PTT Motorola offers an original option ATEX approved mandown GP340 EX providing even greater safety for employees in hazardous environments. Optional factory-equipped board will automatically call out support when the radio is down or does not move a predetermined time period.