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Motorola GP140

Motorola GP140

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The software includes private radio line ™ and MDC selective signaling.

channel Scan

Allows activity on different communications channels to be monitored and answered.

X-pand ™ Voice Compression and Low Level expansion

Crisp, clear and strong audio quality in any noisy environment. Expanding low allowing further improve sound quality by reducing noise usually heard during pauses in conversation.

Voice Operated Transmit (VOX)

Hands free operation when used with VOX headset accessory.

Power Levels adjustment

The output power radio has two settings - low power extends battery life and high power allows the radio to transmit over a greater distance.

Call Features Escalert

Escalating tone to alert users of an incoming call. Starting at very low levels and increased until the call is answered.

Selection Board to expand

You can expand the existing capabilities by adding one of the following option cards:

Encryption for message security.

SmarTrunk II for low cost trunking.

Part hosting option board provides voice recorder features allowing you to store and retrieve messages.


Freedom to communicate using a system or dispatcher for wide area coverage, or bypass and talk directly to another unit for easy unit to unit to local media.